10 Gift ideas for the shutterbug in your family

Christmas is just around the corner! Only 5 more Fridays! I don’t know about you, but I can also use gift ideas, especially now that my kids have outgrown the toy aisle at Walmart. So here are some ideas on what to buy for your photography obsessed family member—in no particular order.

Christmas ornament

Pretty neck strap or hand/wrist strap:  You can find all kinds of cute neck straps on etsy.com! Just do a search for “camera straps”, and you won’t be disappointed. If your shutterbug is like me, neck straps are uncomfortable. I like using my Spider hand strap. When I’m shooting newborns (or am too lazy to switch back to my Spider), I love my wrist strap. Both can be found on Amazon.

SD or CompactFlash memory cards:  We can never have enough of these! Ever! Be sure to check to see which one is needed, so you buy the right one. You want cards that are fast and can handle whatever the camera throws at them. I use Sandisk, Class 10 cards. You can get them in different load capacities—I like mine to be around 16 gbs so if a card fails, I haven’t lost as much as I could with a 1 Tb card. That’s all personal preference though.

Camera bag:  I love my Jill-E bag! When I want to take everything in my house, I have a Manfrotto Bumblebee backpack. Depending on how much I throw in there, the backpack can get pretty heavy! House of Flynn and Jo Totes have nice bags, too. HOF can be expensive, but they are pretty and people that I know that own them, love them.

Expodisc:  This one is for those with DSLRs. It’s a tool that allows you to do a custom white balance to fit the lighting conditions you’re shooting in. This was a game-changer tool for me!

A new lens: Also, for those with DSLRs. If your shutterbug only has a couple of lenses, get them a new one!  We LOVE new glass! You may want to ask them which one they want first. There is a lot of personal preference that goes into it.

PSE or PS/LR:  Editing software will help them up their game. Photoshop Express (PSE) is a great starter program. It’s pretty robust though so don’t let the “express” fool you. I used it for years before I decided to switch to Photoshop (PS). If you go the PS and Lightroom (LR) route, you have to do it subscription based. The photographer’s plan is about $10/month.

Click:  I love this magazine!! It’s geared more towards women, but men read it, too. Clickin’ Moms puts this out, which brings me to the next item on the list.

Clickin’ Moms membership: This is a forum-based website. It has everything from how-to’s to software questions to photo critiques. They also have several classes/workshops to help you better your photography skills. Every month, you get the Monthly Trio which is freebies. There are different levels of memberships. A couple of times a year, they have a huge discount on the lifetime membership.

TheLawTog classes (business/marketing):  Disclaimer…this one is an affiliate link. Rachel is an attorney/photographer/triathlete/IronMan competitor, etc. She has classes in the shop on business setup, marketing, etc, not to mention contracts and more for anything you would need for your photography business. I believe in Rachel and what she does so much that I became one of her FB group moderators last year and eventually became part of her customer service and marketing teams! So, if your shutterbug is looking to start a photography business, make sure they start on the right legal foot and send them to TheLawTog!

And last but not least…a family photo session (I’m available!  Hint. Hint. Lol)! The ones behind the camera are rarely in front of the camera. Gift your shutterbug with a family session so they can be in the photo, too. Until this last year, the last family photo we had with me in it (not counting snapshots) our 15-yr old was 1 and my youngest son hadn’t even been thought of yet. My kids will never know what I even looked like in between there aside from a few snapshots here and there. So, a photo session just may be the best gift ever!

Bonus idea: Fingerless gloves for those who like to shoot in the cold. You can thank me later. 😉

If you have other ideas, that your photography-loving family member/friend would love, drop them in the comments!

Note:  With the exception of TheLawTog, none of the other links in this article are affiliate links. They are just things I use myself from companies I get them from.