What are you paying for when you hire a photographer?

It gets so confusing when you are in the search for a photographer and everyone has a wide range of prices and products. The terminology we use isn’t always helpful either. So what exactly are you paying for? A lot of people assume that they are just paying for the […]

Kruskopp Family

I have been holding onto these for awhile and am so excited to share them now! These are just a few…there’s lots more with extended family. I need permission before I can post them. They are a great family, and I’m glad they let me share a small part of […]

What to Expect

  Sometimes, it’s scary trusting someone to take your photos!  I wanted to let you know what to expect during this whole process with me.  After you call or email me and express a desire to find out more, then we will have a consultation either in person or on the […]