What are you paying for when you hire a photographer?

It gets so confusing when you are in the search for a photographer and everyone has a wide range of prices and products. The terminology we use isn’t always helpful either. So what exactly are you paying for? A lot of people assume that they are just paying for the […]

Why DIY newborn photos is not always a good idea

  Babies are special little creatures! They turn our world upside-down…in a good way! We have waited months (sometimes years!) for them to get here and then we can’t remember life without them. We will do anything to care for and protect them. We don’t want to forget anything, so […]

Riker Newborn

I love this family!  I’m glad to have a friend like Elise. So when she asked me to do her newborn photos, I was over the moon excited!  We were wanting sleeping photos, but that was NOT what he wanted! lol I ended up doing some lifestyle photos that I […]

David L.

The best part about newborn photography is getting to play with those little babies…and then handing them back to mom! lol This little guy is the first boy…has 3 cute older sisters. He was a dream to photograph!

Baby Fix

I had the pleasure of getting these two sweeties in front of my camera this month (not at the same time!). I might have stretched the session out just a tad to get all the baby snuggles I could…it’s getting hard to snuggle my 11-year old. 🙂 He definitely doesn’t […]