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Your session fee includes a $50 non-refundable booking fee due when you sign your contract. The booking fee along with the contract secures your date and time in my calendar. The remainder of your session fee covers my time and talent before, during, and after your photo shoot. It also covers one ordering appointment that will take place approximately 2 weeks after your session. However, it does not include any additional fees such as print costs, travel fees, etc.

The $50 booking fee is due with your signed contract. The remainder of your session fee must be paid no later than one week before your scheduled photo shoot to avoid cancellation.

Session lengths vary, but I typically block off 2 hours time for your session; newborns may be longer. Although 2 hours is allowed, I try to work as quickly as I can while providing you with a full gallery. I have had some sessions only last 30 minutes! Newborn sessions normally last 2 hours but can go a little longer if needed.

We can go wherever you like within reason (not getting on a plane; no way, no how!)! I do 99% of my shoots outside; newborns are normally indoors at their homes but can do outdoors. I have a few locations that I like to use, but we can go to any other place that you like.

Sessions are normally held in the evenings close to sunset, so we can use that beautiful warm golden hour light.

Welcome to Arkansas where the weather is sunny and pretty and then snows 2 hours later (this has actually happened to me)! Light rain is not a problem to shoot in but anything more than that will just make everyone uncomfortable, especially kiddos. Reschedules are always allowed for the weather. I will also reschedule for incoming storms; dodging lightning is not my idea of fun and safety is a priority. Icy roads (should you be a brave soul that embraces the cold) will be grounds for rescheduling, too. If we have to reschedule due to weather, your session fee will be transferred over to the new session. We will not reschedule due to cloudiness. In fact, cloudy days are my favorites to shoot in!  The clouds soften the light making the photos look pretty.

You are allowed one free reschedule. Any subsequent reschedules will incur an additional fee (please refer to your contract). I do ask that you notify me 72 hours ahead of time if you need to reschedule. I am a mom with 3 kids, so I do understand if your child wakes up sick. Give me a call and we will set up a new time. I would rather have your child feeling well and happy than try to pry smiles out of miserable child. I want your child(ren) to enjoy having their photos taken.  You will not be charged a reschedule fee if I am the one rescheduling.

We will set an appointment to view your images about 2 weeks after your photo shoot. I like to do ordering appointments in your home to help you design your walls if you need it and to be available for any questions. You will be shown a slideshow of your images, and then we will go through them one-by-one to pick your favorites to order. Please make sure that all decision-makers are present since your order will be placed at this time. I will place the order with my lab once all payments are received. Typically, orders are received within the next couple of weeks. Once I receive your prints, I will contact you to make delivery and/or pick-up arrangements.

Of course! Once you book, I will send you a style guide via your client portal. I also have a Pinterest board you can refer to for inspiration. You are always welcome to email or text me photos of what you are considering wearing, and I can help you decide which will be best. The main thing to remember is to choose YOUR outfit first and then build everyone else’s around that.

A client portal is an online place that is used exclusively for your session. All the emails I send you and any forms, questionnaires, pdfs, etc. will be available in here. This allows us both to keep up with everything. Most importantly, it is where your contract is. Anytime I add anything to your portal, I will send you an email to inform you.

Copyright is automatically given to the photographer. I retain all of my copyrights.  This means that I am the owner of the photographs. However, you are granted license to use your photos for personal use. A print release is a license to print digital files. Any high-resolution digital files purchased come with a print release. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to the Law Tog’s article regarding this (this is an affiliate link).

I love posting my clients’ images on Facebook, Instagram, and my web site. However, no photos will be posted without a signed model release granting me permission. I have had clients with special circumstances that could not have their photos online (foster families, etc.).  A release will be provided to you after you book. Sometimes, I use images in my printed materials. If you are ok with printed but not online usage, there is an option on the release to allow for print but to opt out of online. Please be assured that I will not post any photos without permission.

You bet!  In fact, that is part of the service I provide with your ordering appointment. You can take a photo of your wall and text it to me. I have software that allows me to take that photo and show you what your walls will look like with your photos. I can also use stock images included in the software to do mock-ups for you. When I deliver your portraits, I will include the design you chose so you can remember where everything belongs.

To book, you will need to fill out my contact form on the Contact page. This gives me all the information I need to set up your client portal. Once I receive your form, I will check my availability for your ideal date and time. I will contact you if there are any conflicts so we can work together to choose a new date. If I am available, I will send you a link to your personal client portal. This portal will contain everything you need for your session as well as the emails I send you. You can refer to it any time you want. When I first set it up, it will contain your contract, invoice, price list, and any other information you may need at that time. The email with the portal link will contain instructions on how to use your portal. Your session will only be considered booked when I receive your signed contract and $50 non-refundable booking fee (part of your session fee).

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