My Keto Journey – The Beginning

Kim Hackworth from November 2018
This is me around 217 lbs.

I’m overweight…a lot.

I never intended to ever get this big. Do any of us? Yet, here I am.

When I was growing up, I was one of the lucky ones who never struggled with weight. That all changed when I had my 1st child. It’s like my body threw in the towel. As a result, I have high blood pressure, my knees feel like they are 1000 years old, my lower back swells so bad I can’t walk, and my feet will swell until I can’t tell where my leg ends and my foot begins.

Dieting failure

A few years ago, Brannon and I decided we were going to lose all this extra garbage. I worked with a friend who was doing the DASH diet…a previous doctor I went to was all about DASH. She had lost a lot and was doing great! So one weekend, I went to Books a Million and bought a book about it and a cookbook.

That first week was so dang hard! We kept at it for almost another week. Annnndddd…we decided to cheat…and cheated every day after that! We lost a few pounds, but we were so hungry! It didn’t even begin to fill us. Plus, it felt very restrictive. Eating 6 small meals a day when I barely find time to get to 3 meals a day was nearly impossible and added to my stress.

Last Spring, we tried it again. I think this time we made it 2 or 3 days. We knew something had to give but felt this one wasn’t really going to work for us.

We started cutting down portion sizes. I already don’t eat that much anyway…I eat off saucers instead of dinner plates most of the time. It was time to find something else.

First time I heard about Keto

I have to admit – the first time I heard about Keto, I thought it was hokey. lol I mean c’mon! A diet that encourages you to eat all the fatty stuff? Yeah, not happening!! I had just gotten rid of my deep fryer after all!

I kept seeing all these before/after photos on Facebook. Dude – I’m a photographer – I know how Photoshop works.

What changed my mind?

My neighbor.

My neighbor changed my mind. He started talking about Keto on Facebook. I even sent him that meme with Jason Momoa and Maui from Moana showing Keto (Jason) and what happens when you have a donut (Maui). I have a pretty sarcastic sense of humor anyway, so I had to send it! (sorry Josh lol)

A few months go by and Brannon and I started noticing a big change across the street! It was actually working for him, and it wasn’t Photoshop magic. It was time to do a little research. Brannon wanted to try DASH again, but I nixed that idea and started talking to him about trying Keto. At this point, he was ready to try anything so back to Books a Million – online this time. I bought 2 books talking about why and how it works and a cookbook. If you can’t tell by now, I like researching why something works before I jump in. And I’m not going to try to cook new stuff without a guide hence, the cookbooks. lol

The reason we almost quit

A couple of weeks after I started reading the books, we started the diet. It was actually the day after Memorial Day. We were ready! And the foot wasn’t that good. We stuck with it though thinking the next recipe would be better. It wasn’t. We were losing weight but still hungry because we didn’t really like the food. I started looking online for Keto recipes – some were good, some not. I learned pretty fast that I loathe cauliflower and kale. Turns out the author of the cookbook I bought was a former vegan. So even though she eats meat now because of Keto, the recipes were still pretty vegan-based. Not knocking on vegans…if you can eat that way, more power to you! I’m a meat and potatoes girl myself! Or was…

In desperation, I sent a text to Josh’s wife, Jenny. I told her we were trying to do Keto and were losing weight but I needed food we would eat. She sent Josh over with a few of her books and told us to come talk to him when we got a chance.

I started flipping through Keto for Life and those recipes looked doable and good! That next day, we went over and Josh lined us out on what we had been doing wrong (turns out it was a lot!) and told us what we needed to do. Jenny even made pizza with a cauliflower crust. It was good, but when I tried to make it, it was horrible. I’ll have to find an alternative or have Jenny make crusts for me. lol

The next day was Monday. I picked Colton up from football and went straight to Target to get that book. It’s honestly been a game-changer! We have liked every recipe so far. I ended up buying another cookbook at Sam’s the other day and it’s great too – Keto Friendly Recipes: Easy Keto for Busy People.

1 Month results and observations

We’ve been on this diet slightly less than a month. We have both lost a lot for us. Brannon has lost about 15 lbs, and I’m down about 13 lbs. We have both lost inches. I have a least an inch, but Brannon hasn’t tracked his. Towards the end of the first week, I ended up with Keto flu; that wasn’t a lot of fun but pretty short-lived. Brannon never got it.

My legs and feet no longer swell. I can walk longer distances without my back locking up on me. A couple of weeks ago, I was able to help Caden mow the backyard!

Both of us have more energy. We stay full longer, and we are at the point where we are only eating 2 meals a day. My meals are usually breakfast and dinner; Brannon eats lunch and dinner. Caden, Colton, and I all have birthdays this month. To be honest, we used these as cheat days. Unlike the cheat day that did us in on DASH, we were able to jump right back into Keto. I also don’t have all the stomach issues I have dealt with for years!

We really don’t miss the old foods we loved. Yeah, when we see it or someone mentions it, it makes us wish we could have it for a hot minute. Then, it’s forgotten again. Even though you have to cut out a lot of carbs, it doesn’t feel as restrictive as other diets. That has been a definite positive! I have also realized that a lot of our favorite recipes in the past were Keto friendly…I just didn’t know what Keto was! Win-win!!

This has been a great change for us! I can’t wait to see what the end of next month looks and feels like! If you have any Keto success stories, I’d love to hear them!

Book list

Note: None of these links are affiliate links, nor was I compensated in anyway. These are just books that I have found useful in changing our eating habits.


Additional Resource: 

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My Keto Journey - The Beginning