Value of Custom Photography

The beautiful thing about custom and high-quality photography is that it only collects more value as it ages, becoming increasingly treasured as the years fly by. You can’t recreate a moment in time, but you can look at a photo and remember the feeling the moment gave you. When I capture someone you love laughing, I want you to hear that familiar laugh when you look at your portrait, filling you with warmth every single time.

Session Fees

Session rates vary depending on the type of session you book (please refer to the gallery below for the type of session you are interested in). The session fee, as well as the signed contract, guarantees your portrait time on my calendar. It covers my time and talent and does not include any additional fees your custom project may incur (print costs, travel fees, etc).

$150.00: Individual

$200.00: 2 or more individuals

$200.00: Newborns

$200.00: Seniors

After the Session

A week or two after the session, we will have an ordering appointment for your prints. During this appointment, you will be shown the images from your session that you can order from. It is strongly recommended that all decision-makers are present at this appointment. I can also help you decide on print sizes and help you design galleries with your images. Payment must be made before any products are ordered. Please note that due to the custom nature of photography, that all sales are final.

The average client invests between $600-$1200.


You can receive your images 2 different ways: Create Your Own Collection or by Al la Carte.

Create Your Own Collection (CYOC):

CYOC is completed with 2 steps:

Step 1 you choose your art piece. Art pieces are 16 x 20 or larger and come in styrene mounted prints, wrapped canvases, or bamboo panels. There is no limit to how many art pieces you choose. Prices for art  pieces start at $130.

Step 2 you choose whether you want the low-resolution digitals or the high-resolution digitals. You get all the digitals presented to you in your gallery with this option. The high resolution digitals also come with some extra perks! Low-resolution digitals are $450 and the high-resolution digitals (plus extras) are $650.

Al La Carte:

You will have 2 options to choose from with al la carte:

1.) 10 Low-resolution Digital Images for $450

2.) 15 High-resolution Digital Images for $800