What are you paying for when you hire a photographer?

What are you paying for when you hire a photographer?

It gets so confusing when you are in the search for a photographer and everyone has a wide range of prices and products. The terminology we use isn’t always helpful either. So what exactly are you paying for? A lot of people assume that they are just paying for the hour or two a photographer is there taking their photos, but there is a lot that goes on before and after a photo shoot!

Session Fees

For simplification, most of my session fees right now (subject to change) are the same. But what does that cover?  I can’t speak for other photographers since we all do things differently, but for me your session fee covers booking your appointment in my calendar (a signed contract + booking fee, which is a set portion of the session fee, is required to get on the schedule). The rest of the session fee pays for my time planning your session, setting up your personal client portal, any planning meetings we have either in person or on the phone, as well as any props I may need (usually for babies and children). It includes the time I take shooting your session and the appointment we make so you can view your photos.

Product Pricing

My product pricing includes much more than just the paper the images are printed on. Care was taken in each image that was captured. Once captured, each image is carefully edited to make it look as natural as possible while making it look it’s very best.  I want your images to be something I’m proud to show you and have my name attached to. The prints I offer are wall-size, so they need to be images that you are happy to hang on your wall, too! If you choose a digital package, each digital package includes a print release. The print release allows you to print anywhere you like to print. You are not forced to print through me or any other company (I do have recommendations, but they are just that…recommendations). However, if you do use another company to print your images, I cannot guarantee the outcome. My computer is calibrated to the labs I work with to ensure your images look the best. Prints from my lab are usually sent to me first so I can look them over for quality before I hand them off to you.

A lot goes into a photo session…most of which you, as the client, will never see. Hours upon hours are spent before and after (tons of classes to learn to perfect what we do is a big part of this!) to make sure the couple of hours I spend in front of you with my camera is worth it to you.

For more information about what working with me looks like, read What to Expect and FAQs. Pricing information can be found in the Investment tab with session types in a sub-menu underneath it or you can click on the photos at the bottom of the page to get to them.