What I learned when Mom was gone

A few weeks ago, I got a phone call saying my mom was dying. We were expecting it sometime in the near future but not 3 weeks after Christmas! Five days later she was gone.

Do you know what we did the whole week she was on hospice?  We went through all the photos, pulling out ones with her in them. There really weren’t that many. She was usually the one taking the photos (guess where I got the photography gene?). The only family photos we had were snapshots taken at church or family gatherings. We had never had a professional photo taken as a family!

Mom, Dad, and me…my 1st Christmas

A lot of times, we as parents are so caught up in documenting our children and spouses that we forget that we need a record of us, too. I always thought we had a lot of photos of mom—until I realized that we didn’t. I also realized why it’s important that my kids have photos of me, too. 

Last year, a friend and I decided to start trading family photos. I’m so glad we did! We’ve done this a couple of times now. It’s amazing to see the changes that happen within a year that we don’t really notice day to day. I’m so glad Samantha reached out looking for someone to trade headshots with which turned into family photos for both of us! Otherwise, I’m not sure when we would have had photos done. The last one before these was taken when my 15 year old was 1!

Fall Family Photo by Samantha Welch
Photo cred: Samantha Welch at http://welchphotographicart.com

So speaking from one mom to another (or parent to parent if you’re a dad in charge of all the photo-taking)…get in your kids’ photos, too. Don’t wait until you think you look perfect (let’s face it—we’re never happy with the way we look). Don’t assume that because you don’t think you look good enough for photos that your kids think that. I promise that they will cherish each and every photo of you. And above all, don’t take time for granted. You’ll wake up one day and realize time has run out. 

Make a goal to get in your photos more even if it’s just a selfie! Your kids will thank you one day.